Zimmer & Suiten im 4-Sterne-Hotel Happy Stubai Zimmer & Suiten im 4-Sterne-Hotel Happy Stubai

Safety measures and updates

Your health and safety are our priority. We would like to keep you updated about the measures we take, as well as the official guidelines, relating to COVID-19. The highest levels of hygiene and safety are our promise to you and take top priority.

  • Entry requirements: If you have a test certificate or proof of vaccination/past infection, are travelling from an A-rated country*, you may now enter Austria without having to quarantine.
  • A recent negative antigen or PCR test certificate (no more than 48 or 72 hours old respectively) is also required.
  • Relaxation of pre-travel clearance requirements: If you have a test certificate or proof of vaccination/past infection, and are travelling from a country with a stable infection situation (A-rated countries), you do not have to register digitally in advance to obtain pre-travel clearance. If you wish to take the test after entering Austria, you will still have to register in advance for pre-travel clearance.

* Andorra, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Principality of Liechtenstein, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican, Netherlands.

  • Hotel guests can access the region’s test centres. You will need to provide the hotel’s address, and a national insurance number (SV-Nummer) is not required.
  • A digitally recorded antigen self-test also allows you access to all areas for 24 hours. The digital recording website is currently only available in German. Testing kits are available at reception. Since the allocation of test kits is the responsibility of the local tourism association, we cannot guarantee an uninterrupted supply of test kits.
  • Please ask our reception team for more information.
  • Please maintain a safe distance of at least 1m between yourself and strangers/groups of people.
  • Please wear a FFP2 mask in all public areas, including the restaurants when not seated. There is no mask requirement out of doors.
  • Please take heed of the maximum number of people allowed in public spaces and the SPA area.
  • Please note that only eight adults plus children under supervision may sit at the same table in internal public areas including the restaurants. Outside, a maximum of sixteen adults plus children under supervision may share a table.
  • The restaurants currently close at midnight.
  • Our professional hygiene concept complies with the highest safety standards and is under constant review. All areas are thoroughly and repeatedly cleaned and disinfected. A superb ventilation system ensures aerosol-free air quality. The rooms are cleaned daily with concentrated cleaning and disinfectant agents. All equipment, surfaces and appliances in the SPA are carefully cleaned and disinfected after each use. Sanitiser dispensers in all public areas ensure you are able to top up your hand-hygiene regime at all times.
  • Our employees have been tested, vaccinated, or have recovered from a past infection and wear FFP2 masks. We hold regular team training sessions and ensure everyone is appraised of the latest regulations. We pay close attention to the proper implementation of our health and safety measures to guarantee you a worry-free, safe and relaxed stay at the Happy Stubai.

Your health comes first! From arrival to departure: safe and worry-free.