Zimmer & Suiten im 4-Sterne-Hotel Happy Stubai Zimmer & Suiten im 4-Sterne-Hotel Happy Stubai

Safety measures and updates

Your health and safety are our priority. We would like to keep you updated about the measures we take, as well as the official guidelines, relating to COVID-19. The highest levels of hygiene and safety are our promise to you and take top priority.

  • The Happy Stubai hotel has temporarily closed to comply with the Austrian government’s lockdown measures. The reopening date will be announced as soon as possible.
  • Flexible arrival and departure dates throughout the winter season. Free cancellation until 7 days prior to arrival. We meet the strictest safety and hygiene standards.
  • Starting in November, all guests – regardless of the length of their stay – can take a PCR test for €60 each. Testing is organised by the Stubai Tirol Tourism Association. If you would like to be tested, please register for an access code at the tourist information office in Stubai, which is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 12pm and 2 to 6pm; Saturday, 9am to 12pm and 3 to 5pm; and Sunday from 9am to 12pm. Once you have an access code, you can be tested on either Tuesday or Friday from 4 to 5pm at Neustift’s leisure centre, in Stubaitalstrasse 110.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You must register with the Stubai Tirol Tourism Association before you can be tested. Guests who wish to be tested must identify themselves by showing their guest card and the completed registration form. It is essential that you have a smartphone on you to which the test access code and result can be transmitted.
  • The test laboratory does not accept registrations on-site. Test results take 36 to 48 hours, and are forwarded to your mobile number or email address.
  • Guests of the Happy Stubai can have a PCR test at the medical practice of Dr. Ranalter & Dr. Lugmayr on Mondays to Fridays, 8 to 10.30am. Test results will be sent to you that evening. These tests cost €125.
  • Our employees are subject to frequent and regular testing. They have undergone thorough training and their work is guided by a professional prevention plan. Special safety measures and regulations are in place in every part of the hotel. Our staff work in separate areas and shifts, and safe distancing and hygiene measures are also strictly adhered to. Masks are worn in all public areas. Our employees will be happy to provide information on the measures being taken and will of course comply with safe distancing to protect your health and allow you uninterrupted and unrestricted enjoyment of our services. Although we will no longer be able to shake your hand or give you a hug in greeting, our smiles will be all the more radiant as we welcome you to the Happy Stubai.
  • Our stringent hygiene and safety standards proved themselves in the summer and will continue to be rigorously implemented even as they develop and improve. All areas are thoroughly and repeatedly cleaned and disinfected. Special air filters have been fitted and are changed frequently. Combined with a superb ventilation system, this ensures aerosol-free air quality. The rooms are cleaned daily with concentrated cleaning and disinfectant agents. All surfaces in the wellness area are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Sanitiser dispensers in all public areas ensure you are able to top up your hand-hygiene regime at all times.
  • The hotel offers a roomy retreat where guests enjoy the utmost privacy and space – from breakfast to wellness area. External visitors, deliverymen and messengers are required to wear masks and register their names and telephone numbers.

Your health comes first! From arrival to departure: safe and worry-free.